Thoughts On Life

Why I Love Music


I recently saw the movie Almost Famous, and there was a scene when the main character, William Miller, is interviewing Russell, the front man of a fictitious band named Stillwater. William asked the question, “What do you love about music?” I knew my answer immediately and I figured I should write it down in a blog, should be interesting to read in the future.

Unlike anything I know, music has the ability to open my mind to a new world to get lost in. No matter the mood that I am in, music helps me put everything aside and get lost. I’m able to cancel everything out in the world and my brain is empty, 100% devoted to embracing the beauty emitted through the airwaves that tickle my ears. This world can’t be described in any way other than vast emptiness. I think I could compare it to the Nirvana received in the Buddhist practice of meditation. My body is lifted away from the real world and dropped, floating down through the air, never to hit the ground. I am weightless, thoughtless, and whatever else is needed to define perfection. It’s not that I need to escape from the real world, I don’t really experience much stress or harsh emotions. I just let the music overcome me and push me to an alternate empty reality. Bliss… Is a great word to describe the feeling.

Music is my medicine. It’s pretty easy for me to get over things, and I think that has partly to do with music. I put a lot of trust in it, and it has always pulled through to lighten the mood or spark a burst of dance. My god, I LOVE how music can just hit me and just change everything.

Probably just as good a reason to love music as given above, is the ability for specific songs to bring back perfectly detailed memories from years ago. I’m pretty sure this happens to everyone, but it still amazes me. There are only a few songs that allows me to make this connection with the past, but the memories they bring back are so vivid. Of course the reason I’m brought back to a specific time is because I was listening to that song at that point. But at that time I made no intention to remember what was going on, it just saved itself into my brain, only to be opened up every time I hear that song in the future. All the senses come back to me and it feels as though I went through a time machine back to that moment. It’s an incredible power and it makes music all the better.

“I let the music take me where my heart wants to go.”

The Wind, Cat Stevens