What I Want In My Life

It was sophomore year of high school when I realized I wanted to travel around the world as I grew older. (side note: I am listening to “Around the World” by Daft Punk at the moment). The passion was strong and has remained that way through each passing year. The diversity on this planet has always blown me away. The fact you can travel for a few hours and essentially be in a new world that was previously unknown to you is amazing to me. I once pointed this out to a few friends while looking at a map of the world on my wall, think about where you live and how that one town or city can maybe be symbolized by the pin-point of a needle. Now stick a needle into places you’ve visited or vacationed and once you have done that back away from the map. Look at the bare spots. You could fit an unimaginable number of needles throughout that map. Think about whats out there… I get lost in thought…                                                                                           Sure you can look up different cities or regions on the internet or watch documentaries but you will never experience a place as well as you would if you were physically there. Most people spend their whole lives living in one or two places and vacation a few times a year if you are lucky. This idea kills me inside, how can someone live a life on this planet when you don’t even know the place you live. It is very hard for me to put how strongly I feel about this urge to explore and experience this planet into words but it is definitely conjured up their in my head. Not a day goes by when I don’t think about the never-ending new experiences that will come with travelling the world. Our planet is so diverse and so rich with culture, history, landscape, and so much more I can’t wait to uncover it first hand. I get antsy when thinking about this while just sitting here typing about it. It just makes me want to drop everything and start my journey immediately.

So, my life plan. Finish college, work for a few years so I get to experience the ‘real world’ and save up some money, then hit the road. Leave everything behind, no home, no car, no job, just the world in front of me. I have read blogs about people doing this for a number of continuous years, the travel cheaply and wisely. They go where their heart desires and set out to explore our real home. Sure there will be some downsides (family, friends, stability, lack of comfort), but my passion for this lifestyle is too strong to conform my life around these downsides. I know many people my age have this dream to travel but get caught up in their job or family or something. I don’t have a plan to avoid these but I feel confident in myself enough to say that I WILL BE exploring this planet within 3 years of graduating college, and I can’t wait!


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