Just ideas and notes

Concert idea:

Say the band couldn’t make it and just put a record player with their new album on the stage. The band would be actually playing the music that the crowd is hearing, they would be behind a set of curtains. The curtain would lift to reveal the band rocking out just when the people are about to leave.

Modest Millionaire:

An episode of cribs of a well known rapper (someone who is known to have a lot of money). And he display his house in extravagant ways when it is really just an average middle class looking home.

Short Story ideas:

– Melatonin dependency

– The excitement before travel (not so much a short story, as it is just writing)

– Wind chimes at night (using wind chimes at night in a short story, good creative effect that can put a scary twist on something)


Seinfeld is about everyday life, essentially “nothing”. It is also a comedy, and the producers decided on a live studio audience who laughs, which the TV viewer can hear. This connects it to a show that teaches us everyday life is great and has its humorous moments that make us feel the way we do while watching Seinfeld.

Jackson Pollock:

Get small acrylic paint bottles, cut slices into sides and throw at a wall for splatter art


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