It was in 8th grade when I learned about the book Utopia by Thomas More. We didn’t read the book we were just told about its attempt at describing a perfect society and how it originated the adjective “Utopian”. I often think about what a perfect world would consist of, in my own imagination. I envision a world where people’s jobs would be whatever they wanted. The world wouldn’t necessarily use currency so the job would more so be a hobby that everyone would have to find and spend a good portion of their time enjoying. Just replace the hours you spend at your current job with a hobby you love, anything you can imagine as long as it provides progress in some way or another. I think the question of what you would do is a lot harder for most people than one would like to think. I feel the idea of spending 60 hours a week on a specific hobby for a majority of your life would be difficult for people to accept. Sure it’s an easy lifestyle and at first seems do-able, but that much time to one specific thing, I think, would be daunting/overwhelming. The compensation of money for work allows people to work towards taking part in hobbies in their free time, it makes the job bearable because it will be worth it, for the use of hobbies. Maybe without money there will be no desire to achieve because you don’t have to work towards a goal. I am speaking in terms of what I think a majority of the population would go through, I for one know exactly what I would do for my “job”, travel! My god, I can’t start talking about traveling or else this will be a post that will break the internet. But I don’t know too many people that have a passion for something that I have been lucky enough to find in traveling. This sort of scares me, and I am promising to myself right now that I will ask people tomorrow about this question. “If you could replace your job with any hobby, what would you choose?” I think this question will tell a lot about a person, and I look forward to deciphering the people I ask this to.


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