Life at the moment

Over the past few months, a pivotal life altering event occurred. I was a mechanical engineering student at a technological school, and decided to switch my career path and major towards geography after my first year of college. This means I have to transfer schools because my old college doesn’t have a geography program. I was late in deciding this so I have to stay home a semester and take a few courses at the community college and still work (landscaping). I know for sure I am going to love geography, since I have always been fascinated by the subject. I love maps, cultures, and learning about new places. Although I will miss the time I spent at the school I was at, I look forward to new experiences at another school. My life has really taken shape in the past year. College gave me a strong understanding of who I am and who I want to become. I know its cliche for college to be the reason for a young adult to understand himself, but it is so true. The independence, responsibilities, and grown maturity I experienced in just a few months made me realize I can take care of myself, I can get by. I wish there was a way to peak into your future just to see what has become of you in 20 something years. Its not that I don’t trust myself in accomplishing what I want for myself, I just want to know for sure everything I’ve done has paid off. That doesn’t sound too reassuring, it’s tough to explain. I think the desire comes from a build up of life plans that have to be put on hold for now so I can establish a concrete background in order to accomplish those plans. I have to finish college, have a summer job, typical responsibilities for someone my age. I don’t wish I didn’t have to do these things either, I realize how important they are and I do enjoy this. For now I guess I should just keep on pluggin and try to stay focused on the present. Finish what needs to be finished and have fun along the way, which isn’t too hard.

– think about everything and anything


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