Time flys

Well… What once seemed like a great idea in my head, slowly fades away with time. It was about a year ago that I signed up for wordpress and figured I would save/share my ideas with whoever wanted to read them. Its not that I haven’t had any awesome ideas recently (over the past year I’ve had 14 of them), it’s just life…happens. You can get so caught up in everything and completely forget about what you were thinking of the day before. *Another reason to right down my ideas!!!*

The main reason I was reminded of wordpress is because of my philosophy course I am taking at a community college. We have to read the book and write a blog about what we thought. The books boring and in my mind a waste of time, the class on the other hand is beyond interesting. It has led me to want to discover my life and the world around me. I have an urge to define what makes me who I am, and why things are the way there are. I have been thinking a lot more about things like this recently, and I really enjoy it. I like stretching my brain with its imagination and twisting reality towards obscure behavior and events. Nothing messed up or cynical, just playing out everyday occurrence in a different light and having them develop differently. An example I just thought of would  be turning on a lamp light and the glass shattering, because you know how every once in a while you turn a light on and the filament shatters. Well I don’t my mind wanders, and I love it.

For about the past 2 or 3 days I have had a micro-burst of passion to want to write short stories. I haven’t written any yet but I am constantly thinking of ideas and taking quick notes so I can go back to them later. Maybe this weekend when I have time I will follow up on a few. The idea of a short story intrigues me because I know I am not a good writer and I always struggled with long essay in school, but I feel like I would be able to write some pretty reputable short stories with  my imagination. I also like the idea of spending time typing away like a hipster… Maybe I’ll go to the local coffee shop with my bamboo bike, one pant leg rolled up, thick framed non-prescription glasses, and gangsta swag (wait what?) and write my short stories on my typewriter.

Two other quick things, I have also had an increased interest in birds ever since I learned how to make the pigeon noise with my hands. I am seriously considering getting a book on birds from the library so I can look up and distinguish particular birds and understand their behaviors. It would be cool to understand another species other than just humans. My second interest has been chess, I think its another one of those stretching the brain activities that I intuitively connect with. I don’t know any strategy, but I like thinking ahead and trying to get inside the mind of my opponent.

Now go outside and get some fresh air

– keep thinkin


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