I laughed today

Don’t read if you take things too literally or seriously…

Today on the drive to work, I saw the most typical redneck. I didn’t see the actual person but I saw the back of their old beat-up red pickup truck. It was probably a 1980’s Ford pickup, the one you would imagine a lumberjack driving while drinking a beer. There were three distinct bumper stickers that tagged this person as a “redneck”. The first was a “Hi-neighbor” sticker. A good amount of people from around where I live have this sticker on their car because it is the slogan for a popular local brewery that makes Narragansett beer. It’s not the company that I made the connection to him being a redneck, it was just the fact that he supports beer enough to put a sticker on his truck. You can’t tell me a hill billy wouldn’t fit that category. The second sticker was “1/20/2017, Obama’s last day in office”. This got me laughing because it is fairly evident that a majority of “stereotypical southerners” aren’t a fan of the president, and particularly hill billies like to voice their opinion out against Obama. I’m all for believing in what you belief, and I have nothing against your ideas, I just thought it was a very clever bumper sticker that combined personal political disapproval with a sense of factual humor. The last sticker was the kicker, it was on display at the top of his back window, where people two or three cars back could easily read it. It said, “Should I really have to press 1 for English.” This is the epitome of all redneck characteristics. A redneck loves America and deservedly so. they stand for their country and want what is best for the nation. Society always portrays rednecks as disliking everyone except Americans, and they certainly can’t stand people not speaking English when they live and work in America. Anyways I got a good laugh out of what I saw this morning, and I appreciate that driver displaying his beliefs on his truck for people like me to make rude stereotyping connections. Eh, whaddya gonna do.

– focus your thought


Life at the moment

Over the past few months, a pivotal life altering event occurred. I was a mechanical engineering student at a technological school, and decided to switch my career path and major towards geography after my first year of college. This means I have to transfer schools because my old college doesn’t have a geography program. I was late in deciding this so I have to stay home a semester and take a few courses at the community college and still work (landscaping). I know for sure I am going to love geography, since I have always been fascinated by the subject. I love maps, cultures, and learning about new places. Although I will miss the time I spent at the school I was at, I look forward to new experiences at another school. My life has really taken shape in the past year. College gave me a strong understanding of who I am and who I want to become. I know its cliche for college to be the reason for a young adult to understand himself, but it is so true. The independence, responsibilities, and grown maturity I experienced in just a few months made me realize I can take care of myself, I can get by. I wish there was a way to peak into your future just to see what has become of you in 20 something years. Its not that I don’t trust myself in accomplishing what I want for myself, I just want to know for sure everything I’ve done has paid off. That doesn’t sound too reassuring, it’s tough to explain. I think the desire comes from a build up of life plans that have to be put on hold for now so I can establish a concrete background in order to accomplish those plans. I have to finish college, have a summer job, typical responsibilities for someone my age. I don’t wish I didn’t have to do these things either, I realize how important they are and I do enjoy this. For now I guess I should just keep on pluggin and try to stay focused on the present. Finish what needs to be finished and have fun along the way, which isn’t too hard.

– think about everything and anything

Time flys

Well… What once seemed like a great idea in my head, slowly fades away with time. It was about a year ago that I signed up for wordpress and figured I would save/share my ideas with whoever wanted to read them. Its not that I haven’t had any awesome ideas recently (over the past year I’ve had 14 of them), it’s just life…happens. You can get so caught up in everything and completely forget about what you were thinking of the day before. *Another reason to right down my ideas!!!*

The main reason I was reminded of wordpress is because of my philosophy course I am taking at a community college. We have to read the book and write a blog about what we thought. The books boring and in my mind a waste of time, the class on the other hand is beyond interesting. It has led me to want to discover my life and the world around me. I have an urge to define what makes me who I am, and why things are the way there are. I have been thinking a lot more about things like this recently, and I really enjoy it. I like stretching my brain with its imagination and twisting reality towards obscure behavior and events. Nothing messed up or cynical, just playing out everyday occurrence in a different light and having them develop differently. An example I just thought of would  be turning on a lamp light and the glass shattering, because you know how every once in a while you turn a light on and the filament shatters. Well I don’t my mind wanders, and I love it.

For about the past 2 or 3 days I have had a micro-burst of passion to want to write short stories. I haven’t written any yet but I am constantly thinking of ideas and taking quick notes so I can go back to them later. Maybe this weekend when I have time I will follow up on a few. The idea of a short story intrigues me because I know I am not a good writer and I always struggled with long essay in school, but I feel like I would be able to write some pretty reputable short stories with  my imagination. I also like the idea of spending time typing away like a hipster… Maybe I’ll go to the local coffee shop with my bamboo bike, one pant leg rolled up, thick framed non-prescription glasses, and gangsta swag (wait what?) and write my short stories on my typewriter.

Two other quick things, I have also had an increased interest in birds ever since I learned how to make the pigeon noise with my hands. I am seriously considering getting a book on birds from the library so I can look up and distinguish particular birds and understand their behaviors. It would be cool to understand another species other than just humans. My second interest has been chess, I think its another one of those stretching the brain activities that I intuitively connect with. I don’t know any strategy, but I like thinking ahead and trying to get inside the mind of my opponent.

Now go outside and get some fresh air

– keep thinkin